Real Estate Development

Florida requires every development permit to be consistent with local land development regulations as well as local comprehensive plans. The attorneys of Jackson Singh, PLLC are well versed in Florida’s regulatory codes which have been viewed as one of the most complex in the country. We are skillful with all aspects of land use law, including comprehensive plans, zoning, subdivision regulations and related environmental issues.

It is our pleasure to assist our clients with the review, preparation and processing of amendments to comprehensive plans and land development regulations. We also pride ourselves in offering guidance during the filing and processing of traditional rezoning applications and the negotiation and preparation of developer agreements.

Commercial and Residential Purchases and Sales

During the process of commercial and residential purchases and sales it is essential to draft a contract that is cohesive and clear so that all parties involved are aware of and have agreed to terms and conditions of the purchase and sale of the property.

Whether you are buying or selling, having your contract reviewed is an essential part of the transaction. Jackson Singh, PLLC offers a legally binding custom contract that is created with your best interests in mind.

When the attorneys of Jackson Singh, PLLC review your real estate contract we will ensure that there are no surprises or delays due to misunderstandings between parties. Rather than relying on your real estate broker’s advice whose legal knowledge is limited, it would be wise to hire a real estate attorney with specialized knowledge.

First Party Property Insurance Claims

If you have suffered a loss due to property damage, Jackson Singh, PLLC provides representation in first party property insurance claims. The property insurance contract involves the insured "first party" and the insurance company “second party”. A first party claim is one which must be paid directly to the insured when insured property is damaged.

Some examples of first-party insurance are homeowner’s policies, business interruption policies, commercial property policies, some forms of auto insurance and others. Jackson Singh, PLLC represents homeowner’s and commercial insureds stemming from losses related to:

  • Windstorm & Hurricane
  • Sinkhole
  • Water & Flood
  • Fire & Arson
  • Burglary & Theft
  • Mold

Because of our belief in our ability to successfully represent our clients in these claims, Jackson Singh, PLLC accepts first party property insurance claim cases on contingency. If you are involved in an issue that involves a first party claim and you need representation or legal guidance on an issue with your property insurer, Jackson Singh, PLLC will assist you.

Title, Closings and Escrow

When you purchase any property, you can only be sure that there are no problems with the property’s title and that the seller really owns the property if a comprehensive title examination is completed. Before a purchase or sale of a property can be completed, title examiners search public records for title issues. Issues such as tax liens on title are commonly found as a result of the unresolved debts of previous owners. These liens may become your problem if they are not addressed prior to closing.

Jackson Singh, PLLC will examine title and walk you through the process of addressing any title issues that may arise. There are no title issues or questions about the process of facilitating title examination, title curative, and closing that our experienced team has not addressed. Allow us to become the expert you need during this important transaction.


Associations and Property Management

With a myriad of issues associated with property management, Jackson Singh, PLLC is well prepared to represent homeowner and community association clients to resolve issues such as delinquent assessment collection, resolving enforcement disputes with owners, arbitration, mediation and recall disputes.

Jackson Singh, PLLC is equipped to fight all battles when it comes to landlord and tenant disputes. We represent landlords throughout the entire range of issues that arise under landlord and tenant law including drafting and reviewing leases and land contracts to litigation or mediation of landlord tenant disputes. We also help individuals facing eviction, ensuring that your landlord follows proper protocol for a legal eviction.

Foreclosure, Receiverships, Workouts, and Loss Mitigation

Foreclosure law provides the means for a mortgage lender to sell and take possession of a mortgaged property when the borrower has defaulted on the loan. The proceeds from the foreclosure sale are used to pay off the balance of the loan. If the proceeds are not enough to pay off the loan, the borrower may be held personally liable for the difference. These are known as deficiency judgments.

Jackson Singh, PLLC can assist all parties to a foreclosure action by negotiating settlements, deficiency judgments, and workout options such as short sales, loan modifications, or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Jackson Singh, PLLC specializes in providing receivership services which preserve the real estate asset and the income generated from the asset.

Real Estate Brokerage

Jackson Singh, PLLC represents brokerage firms, sales associates, and their customers in frequently occurring disputes such as real estate commission and release of escrow deposit disputes, breach of contract claims, and allegations of misrepresentation, failure to disclose and fraud.

If you have been the victim of dishonest and unlawful dealings in a real estate transaction you have two options. You can file a complaint with Florida Real Estate Commission or you can file a civil lawsuit seeking damages for the losses that you have incurred. When you decide to seek recourse by filing a complaint or a civil lawsuit, you need an attorney that you can trust and has knowledge of the intricacies of the real estate business.

Jackson Singh, PLLC boasts Florida real estate licensed attorneys who are not only experts in the law but also the business of real estate. This makes Jackson Singh, PLLC an authority in resolving the issues that our clients encounter during the course of brokerage dealings.

Real Property Litigation

When a dispute cannot be resolved between two parties and the issue must be resolved by litigation Jackson Singh, PLLC will lead the way through the process of defending your rights in court. We have extensive experience as champions for justice through legal trials and numerous appeals.

Licensed to practice in both federal and state courts, the attorneys of Jackson Singh, PLLC are well prepared to respond to every question or concern that may arise as you settle your issue within a court of law. Florida imposes strict statute of limitations to many legal actions. Therefore, you must act quickly in order to protect your rights.